What needs to be tackled in 2011?

As we within the Healthcare IT industry drive what needs to be tackled in 2011, there are numerous articles, reports and discussions around the top items to focus on in the coming year. I found one succinct article that does a nice job of articulating the top 6 items.

PwC lays out what their top six issues are:

#1: Booming business in health information technology
#2: Gearing up to redefine health insurance: From MLRs to insurance exchanges
#3: ACOs: Is this the next big thing or not?
#4: Nowhere else to cost shift: Consumers could continue to reduce utilization
#5: M&A: Deals will bond the familiar and unfamiliar as organizations look to fill strategic gaps
#6: Follow-me healthcare: Patients look to health organizations that are always on

While I commend PwC for truly tackling the major items, I do think there is one underlying item that was missed. Truth in transparency. While healthcare consumers are dealing with the cost shift and while payers are working to establish the strongest network with the highest quality of physicians, much of this is down behind the scenes with little shared. Consumers need to be equipped with transparency in pricing. How quality is measured needs to be transparent and shared with the consumers. This will lead to a more educated consumer in how and where their dollars are spent in 2011.

Any that you think should be added?