The future of Joel

As Google Buzz rolled out and I made the switch to an Android phone (Motorola Droid), I struggled with where to invest my time and social media. I went through a previous effort to determine where to update virtually. Here is what it has come down to for me personally.

1. LinkedIn: This is purely my professional space. I do not plan on updating status or other personal information on the site. This is publicly searchable and I engage here with other professionals in the health care and consulting industries.

2. Twitter: While I still am not enamored with Twitter I see that it has become a viable social networking solution. My only plan here is to update specific Buzz posts as well as any posts on this blog here. It will hopefully drive traffic to this site versus the other way around.

3. Facebook: This is my purely personal space. While I have connected with a select few business professionals here, I may scale back. Here I update with family pictures, notes on events, connect with formal classmates. Folks..pretty sure Facebook is here to stay.

4. Buzz: This will be a mix between personal and professional. The beauty of Google is its ease of sorting between showing personal information to friends and professional information to the public. I plan to update some buzz posts on to twitter but this is still a wait-and-see product for me.

5. Ning: I have a variety of Ning Networks (Church, Blazeman Warrior, I Am Tri) that I engage for social networking with specific groups. Its group functions are currently superior to what is offered on Facebook but maybe that will be taken over some day?

5. Abandoned Services: Here are the list I have almost completely abandoned for one reason or another:
– MySpace
– Orkut
– Message Boards
– Chat Rooms

6. Services I have no desire to use:
– Foursquare
– Windows Live Spaces
– MyLife

Thoughts from the readers here? Which services to you use and which ones do you find most useful (both personally and professionally).

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