What are our Internet rights?

There was an interesting article written several months ago by Jeff Jarvis. Jeff is a commentator on a new podcast I began to follow called This Week In Google (TWIG). With the recent discussions around Net Neutrality, I worked back through some of his blog and found his proposed “Bill of Rights in Cyberspace.” Here is his description of what his attempt was:

This Bill of Rights attempts to establish the fundamental freedoms of our internet that must be protected against abridgment by governments, companies, institutions, criminals, subverters, or mobs. I suggest in my column that in its confrontation with China, Google is acting as the ambassador for the internet to the old world under its own (rediscovered) principles. So we would be wise to establish our principles. I ask the column’s readers to come to this post to suggest and discuss articles.

One of the most interesting points he raises is around who controls/owns your data. His assumption is it should be you but it raises questions around around access, copyright and portability. Interesting read.

Take a look: “A Bill of Rights in Cyberspace” by Jeff Jarvis.